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I started developing Web-based applications on a LAMP stack when I was in the middle of a music degree a little under a decade ago. Since that time, GNU+Linux and PHP/MySQL have been my bread and butter, though I can and do work with Python, a little Ruby, and more recently, server-side Javascript via Node.js. I can talk people’s ears off about Node and Javascript in general, the latter of which I thought was just a nice little browser scripting tool until relatively recent times. Since then I’ve changed my tune, and I’m willing to hear anybody out about a new technology–so long as it’s really new, and not just an old technology with sugar added.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking and biking, and generally anything that gives me time with my wife and our little boy. In response to the query “Star Wars, Star Trek, or Battlestar Galactica”, lately I have to respond that questioners have left out Stargate. Huge, 10+ year movie/TV franchise with great characters and tons of fun pseudo-science, and it’s just left off the list? Shame. What can I say? I enjoy reruns.

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