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Seeing context

I’m standing in a room with a lot of glass and several mirrors at different angles. Looking into a glass pane, I can see my own reflection, but at an unexpected angle. It’s not my straight-on reflection as through a single mirror; it’s very shadowy (it’s glass, after all, and not a mirror) and I […]

Test Post from UltraBlog

This is just a test post to see what comes out. I just decided to start blogging using ViM, because I keep a lot of technical journal entries here. So now we’ll see if that increases the frequency of my posts. Ciao for nao! Posted via UltraBlog.vim.

Javascript debugging: breakpoints versus print statements

Conventional wisdom holds that print statements are poor practice for debugging code. Proponents of this view, myself included, reason that debugging code should be a nondestructive process. One should not change the code to diagnose it, only to fix it. Under normal deterministic conditions, I see no reason to say otherwise. Print statements are a […]

Smart Little Details

We eat healthy in my home. That’s why my wife and I both like to start our day with a sugary, marshmallow-ridden cereal like Lucky Charms. Today I pulled a new box from above the refrigerator and prepared to open it. The thing is that I hate opening boxes of cereal, because the lid flaps […]