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DEVET is a board game created by Jordan Tuzsuzov in 2002. Jordan and others have ported the game to many electronic formats, but as far as I know, my version is the first for an Android phone. With his permission, I’ve published it on Google Play free of charge and without restrictions other than those imposed by the GNU General Public License (i.e. you can get the source code, you can study, modify, and share it, but you can’t keep others from doing the same even if you modify it).

The game is a simple abstract puzzler with a bit of strategy. You start with a grid of 25 squares, the middle square occupied by a tile with red top and bottom and blue left and right sides. At the bottom of the screen are images of the tile you have to place next as well as the one following it. Both squares are important: ignore the second one and you can find yourself in a jam. You place the next tile to the top, bottom, left, or right of one already on the board. It has to match sides with at least one adjacent tile: a blue side or a red side must touch a blue or red side on the tile you’re placing. Blank sides won’t match up with anything. You also can’t place over occupied squares.

Eventually the board will start to get crowded, so you have to push tiles off the board. To do this, you “shift” the board: place a tile on an edge square such that a blue or red side is touching the edge square (remember, blank sides won’t work) and all the tiles will shift the other direction. If your tile goes into a corner and colored sides touch both edges of the square–not a common occurrence, mind you–the tiles will shift two squares over: one for the vertical edge, and one for the horizontal. Any tiles on the opposing edge simply “fall off” the board, and of course new space opens on the squares that have been vacated by the moving tiles. If you end up with a piece that won’t match any available sides, the game is over. But don’t worry, you can play again as much as you want.

Devet is easy to learn and fun to play. This is a lightweight version that doesn’t communicate your score to others, doesn’t keep high scores, and implements Jordan Tuzsuzov’s original version exactly. If you’d like to see it develop further, I’d love to hear your ideas. I always plan to keep this version available as it’s my first personal software release, but if there’s enough interest in the game I’ll consider people’s requests.

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