Is this thing on?

Oh, I see it is.

Hi, my name is Liam, and I write software for a living.

Speaking of which, you can hire me if you have a project that needs my skill set.

Lest you judge me one-dimensional, I’m also an amateur chef (I mean that: we shop at restaurant supply stores, not BB&B), an erstwhile musician who once had a collection of thirteen instruments, and an avid reader of science fiction who sometimes writes a story or two.

For the present purposes we’ll set those pastimes aside and focus on computers, since this is supposedly a professional site foremost. My first computer was a VIC-20 with a monitor that may have weighed nearly as much as I did (I was four years old at the time, and never a really large kid). That was when a kid with a computer was a real oddity. When other kids were out playing sports or whatever kids do, I was learning to write silly little interactive programs and scripts, creating insane hardware configurations (occasionally burning out a component by hooking it up backwards, but who’s counting) and generally tinkering.

So of course, you’d think I was the first on the bandwagon when the Web came along, right?

Wrong. I was perplexed.

What was the point of this “Internet” thing? It was boring.

Not until my teen years did I really appreciate what the internet could do, and I found myself in a software development career almost by accident. So I don’t presume to be the resident expert in technological matters anywhere, but I’m a dedicated technologist.

Here you’ll find some pithy words on software development, interesting books I’ve read (or invective about lousy ones I’d like to have skipped), commentary on my culinary pursuits as they relate to computers and philosophy, and fiction when I have something I’m inclined to publish. Feel free to comment on something if it interests you; I do try to respond.

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